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Advocacy is at the core of what we do. As the unified voice of business, the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce represents its members’ interests on the issues that matter most to the business community.

Policy Committee Guiding Principles Document

Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce


The Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce, as a pivotal organization representing the business community, is committed to fostering a vibrant and prosperous business environment. This document outlines our guiding principles for policy positions and policy development, ensuring that our actions and advocacy align with the interests of our members and contribute to the overall economic wellbeing of our region.


Guiding Principles

  1. Pro-Business Growth - We advocate for policies that stimulate the growth and development of businesses. This encompasses support for entrepreneurship, innovation, and business expansion. We recognize the importance of a thriving business community as a cornerstone of our economic prosperity.
  2. No Tax Increases - We firmly oppose any increase in business taxes. Our stance is to advocate for a stable and predictable tax environment, fostering an atmosphere conducive to investment and economic expansion.
  3. Red Tape Reduction - We champion the simplification of regulatory processes. Our goal is to advocate for the elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy that impedes business efficiency and growth.
  4. Free Market Principles - We support the principles of a free market economy. We advocate for minimal government intervention in business affairs, fostering competition and allowing market forces to drive innovation and efficiency.
  5. Workforce Development - We emphasize the importance of skilled labor and advocate for policies supporting workforce training and development. This principle is crucial in meeting the evolving needs of our dynamic business environment.
  6. Sustainable Business Practices - We encourage and support environmentally sustainable business practices. It is vital to balance economic growth with environmental stewardship, ensuring a sustainable future for our community.
  7. Fair Trade Policies - We advocate for fair and equitable trade policies. Our focus is on supporting local businesses while promoting global competitiveness and ensuring that trade practices are beneficial for all stakeholders.
  8. Infrastructure Investment - We support strategic investments in infrastructure that enhance business operations. This includes improved transportation, technology, and utility services, which are essential for a thriving business environment.

Additional Principles for Consideration

  1. Health and Safety Standards - We prioritize high standards of health and safety in the workplace. Ensuring the wellbeing of employees is fundamental for a productive and ethical business environment.
  2. Community Engagement - We value active engagement with the community. Building strong relationships between businesses and the community fosters a cooperative environment beneficial for all.
  3. Inclusivity and Diversity - We advocate for policies that promote inclusivity and diversity within the business community. Embracing diverse perspectives and practices enriches our business environment.
  4. Technology and Innovation - We encourage the adoption of cutting-edge technology and innovation in business practices. Staying ahead in technological advancements is key to competitiveness and efficiency.


The Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce remains steadfast in its commitment to these guiding principles, ensuring that our policy positions and advocacy efforts are aligned with the best interests of our members and the broader business community. Through these principles, we strive to create a dynamic and prosperous business environment in Fort McMurray.


Through effective communication and engagement with all levels of government, we work diligently to influence policies, regulations, and decisions that create a favorable business environment for success and growth in the Wood Buffalo region.


For the first time in its history, the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce has a policy writer on contract, drafting policies to support businesses in the region to take to the Alberta and Canadian Chamber AGM.

2023 Provincial Policy Resolutions

For the very first time, our Chamber submitted the a policy resolutions to the Alberta Chambers of Commerce for discussion and approval by the network at the 2023 ACC Annual General Meeting in Fort McMurray.


UPDATE: The policy Improving Access to the Canada- Alberta Job Grant was approved unanimously.

Other Policy Resolutions

Federal Policy Resolutions


To strengthen our advocacy efforts, we have taken significant steps forward. For the first time in our history, we have formed a board-level policy committee with the mandate to structure our policy efforts and engage our membership in the development of policies that address the specific needs of businesses in our region. These policies will be presented at the Alberta and Canadian Chamber AGMs, providing a platform for our members' voices to be heard and their concerns to be addressed. We advanced policies that supported ESG initiatives in our community and had our policies passed at a national level.

List of Committees We Currently Sit On

  • Wood Buffalo Pro-Business Advisory Committee - Chair
  • Wood Buffalo Regional Innovation Network Steering Committee
  • Cross-sectorial Interagency Committee - Co-chaired
  • Regional Labour Market Committee 
  • Childcare Workforce Taskforce
  • Foreign Worker Table
  • Workplace Inclusion Charter
  • Keyano Business Advisory Committee
  • Member of Municipal Working Committees on Social Procurement & RMWB Procurement in General
  • ACC Policy Committee
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