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Advocacy is at the core of what we do. As the unified voice of business, the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce represents its members’ interests on the issues that matter most to the business community.

Through effective communication and engagement with all levels of government, we work diligently to influence policies, regulations, and decisions that create a favorable business environment for success and growth in the Wood Buffalo region.

2023 Provincial Policy Resolutions

For the very first time, our Chamber submitted the a policy resolutions to the Alberta Chambers of Commerce for discussion and approval by the network at the 2023 ACC Annual General Meeting in Fort McMurray.


UPDATE: The policy Improving Access to the Canada- Alberta Job Grant was approved unanimously.

Other Policy Resolutions

Federal Policy Resolutions


COMMITTEES: To strengthen our advocacy efforts, we have taken significant steps forward. For the first time in our history, we have formed a board level policy committee with the mandate to structure our policy efforts and engage our membership in the development of policies that address the specific needs of businesses in our region. These policies will be presented at the Alberta and Canadian Chamber AGMs, providing a platform for our members' voices to be heard and their concerns to be addressed. We advanced policies that supported ESG initiatives in our community and had our policies passed at a nation level.


POLICY: For the first time in its history, the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce has a policy writer on contract, drafting policies to support businesses in the region to take to the Alberta and Canadian Chamber AGM.

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