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What is the Local Business Tool Kit?

The Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce's Local Business Tool Kit is intended to help promote the success and long term prosperity of both local businesses, and our region as a whole by connecting businesses with necessary resources. Some groups that can likely benefit from the Tool Kit include businesses that are:

  • New local startups.
  • Looking to grow in the market.
  • Established but looking to save money on operations.
  • Interested in hiring new talent.

What is Inside the Tool Kit?

The Local Business Tool Kit features resources for business owners including, but not limited to:

  • A checklist of fundamental business elements.
  • Importance of Social media usage to build your brand.
  • E-Commerce and how it can help your sales.
  • Grants and funding for a hand in growth.
  • Recruitment and hiring to get the best people.
  • Local initiatives that benefit everyone.

Need to Get Your Business EDI and Social Procurement Ready?

Welcome to Alberta's first workplace resource centre for workplace Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).:


We have also written two sample procurement policies to get you ready for Social Procurement Bidding. Click to download them now:

Sample EDI Policy

Sample Vendor Social Procurement Policy

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